Czechs present anti-allergic toys with nanofiber for infants

The Czech company NanoSPACE in cooperation with the company Sapito came on the market with a special range of hypoallergenic toys. These toys, which were given the name of Nano Sapitaks /nano big top toys/, are combining the quality manual work and State of the art nanotechnology.


Neither mite nor their allergens can walk through nanofabric

Nano Sapitaks are lined with nanofabric, which prevents the collection of allergens inside the fabric. “This is a mechanical barrier. Nanofabric has large pores 80 nm only, while the mites have a dimension of 420 thousand nanometers, their spore – allergens – are larger than 1000 nm. Imagine that you are a mite, the ball, which you hold in your hands is an allergen and the network at the gateway is nanofabric. Neither mite nor their allergens have the possibility to walk through the nanofabric, “says NanoSPACE Sales Director Jiří Kůs. Dust Mites and allergens, therefore they can’t collect and multiply in the Nano Sapitaks.

Nano Sapitaks protect children
“Toys that were created in cooperation with the nanoSPACE have unique potential and I believe that they will be a favorite among our young customers. The combination of nanofabric with our creative designs is ideal for babies with allergies” explains Šapito lead designer, Jiří Mrňávek. Nano Sapitaks do not protect children only from allergic reactions, but also limits the diseases that spread the mites. These allergens that typically accumulate in the filling of conventional toys are those that affect asthma or other respiratory infections.

The prevention is important, the nanofabrics have a verified capture of micro-organisms

Asthma, according to the State Health Institute, is one of the most common chronic diseases since the 1920s. The incidence in children is clearly higher than in adults, and in some countries exceeds 20% of the pediatric population. From 1996 to 2006, the number of allergic children increased by half. In recent years, the incidence of food allergies in children has stabilized at 30%, the incidence of asthma but is still growing. One of the reasons is the increased exposure all year round active allergens such as dust mites.
In the biggest risk are children growing up in cities, where there is a large volume of automobile traffic. The prevention is important. “Common anti-allergic bedding with microfiber has not been sufficiently effective, and toys for allergy sufferers did not exist,” as Jiří Kůs explains the importance of antiallergenic bedding and toys with nanofabric. “The products of the nanofabrics have a verified capture of micro-organisms of ≥ 99.0%, and proved an effective detection of dust particles ≥ 99,9%,” he adds.
Now, the entire production process of linen and toys is underway in the Czech Republic. Nano Sapitaks are currently only available in the e-shop of the company nanoSPACE.
NanoSPACE is the only manufacturer of toys and bedding with anti allergenic nanofabric in the world, and is a founding member of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association. The company is also involved in projects Czech is nano and pureSPACE Solution.

Published: 10.10.2015, Author: nanoasociace