About Us

The Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association was founded on November 27, 2014, its president is Jiří Kůs. It brings together Czech nanotech companies from various industries, from the textile industry to biotechnology, environmental applications, optics, and energetics. Some of them are using nanotechnology in manufacturing or in applications, others are developing and manufacturing final nanomaterials or products.
The aim of the Association is to represent the interests of Czech nanotechnology companies and research both at the national and world level. The Association builds on the good name that the Czech Republic has in this field in the world and is trying to spread positive awareness about nanotechnologies in society. It also focuses on the active support of all opportunities for cooperation between industry and research. The association has 37 members.

Since 2018 the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association is a member of  Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) .


Though nature utilizes nanotechnology since the beginning of creation, mankind has only recently begun to uncover and utilize its many powers in revolutionary ways to solve problems and increase efficiencies. Now the science of nanotechnologies affords us the ability to replace human organs and tissue, directly target life-saving drugs to the specific locations in the body; or to remove toxic contaminants from air and water. Nanotechnology is at the forefront of creating inexpensive and increased storage of renewable energy and lowering harmful emissions. The potential for new methods of manufacturing is practically unlimited. The project “Czech Is Nano” popularizes the advanced work of Czech scientists and researchers, and demonstrates this with a vast selection of inventions and everyday applications of nanotechnology.

Czech Nano Days are organized across the country as an interactive way to introduce and popularize the most interesting products and inventions of Czech nanotech companies.