CEITEC makes nanofibers by centrifugal forces in Brno

Recently, the pilot machine CYCLONE PILOT G2 of the nanotechnology company Pardam was successfully installed at CEITEC in Brno.

It is the second generation of a pilot device designed for development and production of nanofibrous materials utilizing the method of centrifugal spinning which is, besides spinning module, equipped also with a unique Air conditioning unit which has been specifically developed for this machine. This device enables development, optimization and eventual production of 3D nanofibrous structures (both polymeric and inorganic) for a wide range of potential applications.

The group of Dr. Jan Macák will carry out research projects on this device which will be focused for example on development of special dermatological applications including project ZÉTA on which CEITEC works together with Pardam.

Published: 14.7.2019, Author: nanoasociace