Czech nano wall in London

The first and largest nano exhibit of the CZECH NANODAY LONDON 2018 is already installed in London. The Czech company FN – NANO s.r.o. created a photocatalytic “nano wall” at the Czech Embassy, which can compensate for the negative effects of nitrogen oxides and emissions from the operation of ten passenger cars with a diesel engine in the contaminated environment of the Central London (calculation for 25,000km / year / Euro VI cars). Also, the concrete base of artistic sculpture in the garden is now a nano exhibit, it cleans the air and should not get green for years.

“Thanks to the high efficiency of FN Nano photocatalytic coatings, this technology can be successfully used to clean billions of cubic meters of air in large urban agglomerations and contaminated areas to ensure compliance with legally binding standards for permitted concentrations of pollutants in the air,” says Blanka Zajíčková, Business Director of the company.

“Ecologically, energetically and financially, photocatalytic technology is the most optimal solution for air decontamination especially because it combines the economic effect of self-cleaning maintenance-free surfaces on facades of houses, sound barriers, bridges and highway constructions.

Only in this way can 1 million cubic meters of contaminated air be cleaned of pollutants for only one US dollar, and at the same time, these costs will be recovered many times in the form of savings for the maintenance of facades and structures.

However, a very high performance of photocatalytic coatings is a requirement. To clean the air of dangerous pollutants by photocatalysis makes sense only if the surfaces show more than 10% degradation rate at removing the pollutants, measured by the ISO standards. There are very few such efficient coatings in the world and FN® technology is quite exceptional in this respect. ” FN Nano with a proven efficiency of more than 90% pollutants elimination rate on photocatalytic surfaces will definitely find an important place on the global ecological market. This is one of the reasons why we participate in the Czech Nano Day in London to support here our local distributors and market development on the British Isles “, adds Mrs Zajíčková.
















Published: 24.9.2018, Author: nanoasociace