First world introduction of the “nanofiber-gun” FIBER FLOW at Future Port Prague 2019

First world introduction of the new handheld nanofiber production device called FIBER FLOW will take place at the booth of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association at the visionary’s event Future Port Prague 2019. This unique device will soon introduce the application of nanofiber materials for cosmetic and dermatological products applied by a wide public.

Fiber Flow looks like a handheld gun Phaser from Star Trek, but do not get confused! This is a prototype of the unique handheld portable device for the production of nanofibers from polymer solutions by centrifugal forces. The idea was brought by engineers from the Technical University of Liberec.  Nanotech company PARDAM from Roudnice nad Labem is helping to finalize the design and introduce the device and nanofiber materials to the commercial sector.  Fiber Flow is designed to produce and deposit nanofibers with special additives for application on the skin for cosmetic or dermatological purposes. Thanks to this unique and futuristic “nano-gun” it will be possible to safely deposit nanofibers on the skin without any special knowledge and to personalize nanofiber material to individual needs. You can look forward to personalized nano-cosmetic or nano-dermatology.

Published: 3.9.2019, Author: nanoasociace