HE3DA s.r.o.

HE3DA manufactures lithium 3D batteries with a unique design. It has higher capacity, low internal resistance, economical production costs and maximum safety. This new and modern 3D battery concept is the only way to a higher capacity, which also allows safe storage of energy in hundreds of megawatts.



Lithium-ion accumulators with thick electrodes made of nanomaterial with a specific structure

Instead of regular electrodes applied on a foil in a thin layer of several micrometres, the HE3DA technology uses significantly thicker electrodes of up to several millimetres. The ability of cooling the inner space of the cell by electrolyte as well as its regeneration capability increase the life span of the cell while allowing for a more compact size of the battery modules.

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Články o HE3DA

České akumulátory HE3DA budou součástí moderního Kladna

Czech HE3DA Accumulators to Be a Part of the Modern City of Kladno

The biggest ‘smoker’ aspires to become a green leader. Kladno in the Czech Republic is one of the ambitious European cities promoting renewable energy sources – their neighbourhoods will produce more energy than they consume in the future. And Czech HE3DA nano accumulators are to become a crucial component of the project.

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