Hotel in Český Krumlov attracts guests through nanotechnology

Specially blended scents, own bakery or Pinterest design. Hotels are using different strategies to attract new guests. Hotel Bellevue in Český Krumlov decided to do it a bit differently. They focused on what the guests really needed, quality sleep. Using the Czech nanotechnology products they created a hotel room where even a person with severe allergies can sleep well.

In Europe, up to 40% of people suffer from respiratory allergies. Most of these are dust or pollen allergies. In the Czech Republic, there are up to 2.5 million allergy sufferers. Allergy is not a disease of one particular organ, but a total immune disorder in the sense of increased reactivity to some common stimuli, such as dust mites.

Hotel Bellevue v Českém Krumlově

Hotel Bellevue in Český Krumlov


In the normal room, the allergy sufferer goes to sleep in a pile of  allergens

The air we breathe indoors contains large amounts of them, mite feces are among the major allergens for the development of bronchial asthma. As dust mites live in blankets, pillows, and mattresses, they have the greatest impact on the comfort of the allergy sufferer. The mattress itself can host up to 10 million dust mites. So, in the normal room, the allergy sufferer goes to sleep directly in a pile of allergens, it leads to severe respiratory problems.

V hotelu byl vytvořen hypoalergenní pokoj

A hypoallergenic room was created in the hotel

„In our hotel, we are constantly striving to improve our services and do our best for the comfort of guests. The quality of sleep is reflected in customer satisfaction. We want nothing to disturb in our hotel. Not even allergies.“ Martin Kocourek, hotel general manager, explains why they decided to create a hypoallergenic room at Bellevue Hotel.

V Evropě je až 40 % alergiků

They are up to 40 % allergy sufferers in Europe

The room is equipped with nano air cleaner and nano bedding

The hotel room was equipped with anti-dust mite pillows, duvets and mattress protectors, which contain a nanofibre membrane from the Czech company nanoSPACE. „This nanofibre membrane protects people from contact with mites and their allergens. It is a 100% effective mechanical barrier,“ Jiří Kůs, Chairman of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association and CEO of nanoSPACE, explains.

Bezúdržbová nanočistička

Maintenance-free nano air purifier

In addition, a very silent nano airpurifier NanoAirCleaner  is also installed in the hotel room. This device uses photocatalytic filters. The can not only destroy allergens but also bacteria, viruses, fungi and other impurities of organic type. NanoAirCleaner has also a really elegant design which is not disturbing in a hotel room.


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