ACO Marine s.r.o.

Keywords: water treatment, membrane separation

Introduction: ACO Marine s.r.o. continues in the work of the Research Institute of Nanotechnology, which was established in 1997 as a research / commercial company active in the protection and regeneration of contaminated water. The main focus is a new method of physical water treatment without chemicals, using Technology of Hybrid Asymmetric Selective Membrane Separation – THASMS. This provides the basis for our wide use of applications – from complete optimization of the commercial processes based on the reuse of water (recycling) through to producing drinking and industrial water. This completely unique process is based on reverse TMC mineralization.


AdvaMat s.r.o.

Keywords: tribological layers, superhard layers, coatings for cutting tools, magnetron sputtering

Research and development of advanced thin layers and coatings. The company was founded as a spin-off from the Czech Technical University in Prague. Over 10 years of academic research has been dedicated to the development and testing of superhard and tribological layers.




Keywords: photocatalysis, air purification, titan dioxide

Introduction: Advanced Materials-JTJ was founded in 2003 with the main focus on commercialization of photocatalysis, material chemistry and development of new applications of nanomaterials. AM-JTJ introduced its own industrial process of manufacturing of photocatalytic multifunctional paints for air purification. A number of patents protect the technology in the Czech Republic, Canada, China, South Africa, USA and many others are pending. Simultaneously, the company has developed a patented large-scale technology to produce TiO2 nanoparticles with high efficiency.


Keywords: chemical raw materials

The company was established in 1994, and has been successfully importing and exporting chemical raw materials since then. They currently represent several major manufacturers of chemical raw materials in North and South American, European, and African markets.


Bochemie a.s.

Keywords: ZnO nanoparticles

Innovative chemical company with more than 110 years of tradition. Its recent achievements include the development of technology for the production of zinc oxide nanoform that is of great importance in terms of environmental protection. There are applications, especially in the rubber industry, that can replace the classic ZnO with 4x smaller amounts of our product whilst maintaining or even improving the functional properties.


Contipro a.s.

Keywords: hyaluronic acid, nanofibres

More than twenty years engaged in research, development and production of biotechnological active ingredients for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Is a leading global manufacturer of hyaluronic acid derived from it applications. In 2013 the company introduced 4SPIN® – facilities for the production of nanofibres from solutions of synthetic and natural polymers. They are suitable material for biomedical applications such as tissue engineering, wound healing, and targeted delivery of drugs.

FILTREX s.r.o.

Keywords: food industry, filtrations

Manufacturer of the highly dependable and powerful filters with rich experience ranges from food processing industry filtration to winemaking and brewery filtration. FILTREX s.r.o. cooperating with PARDAM s.r.o. developed the nanofiber membrane RIFTELEN N15 for wine, beer and oil filtration. It has a considerably better flow of the filtrated liquid through the filter compared to the classical and currently known filtrating materials.


HE3DA s.r.o.

Keywords: energy storage, fuel cells

Introduction: Li-Ion battery based on thick-layer (3D) electrodes, developed by HE3DA, represents a brand new technological platform for a new generation of high capacity batteries – way to further extend the Li-accumulator capacity and provide required safety. 3-D concept of the accumulator not only increases capacity of individual cells but also significantly reduces size of assembled modules.



Keywords: nanofibers, nanomedicine

Introduction: ING MEDICAL is a company based in the Czech Republic engaged in R&D and production of nanomaterials and nanomaterials production equipment. Production program covers mostly antibacterial products for healthcare (patches, bandages), hygiene (insoles), cleaning and food industry. Company also produces unique machines for polymerisation of nanolayers at textile materials “INM Foulard” and exclusively distributes unique patented electrospinning devices “MultiSpin” and electrospinning devices clima control units “ClimaSpin”.



Keywords: nanostructures & nanopatterning, holography, nanoprinting, fuel cells

Introduction: IQ Structures is a technology company focusing on incorporating of micro- and nanostructures into different materials and approaches for production of high-end products for end consumers, business to business, governments and scientific institutions. IQ Structures uses cutting-edge technologies and equipment to develop special surface structures that enhance materials with specific mechanical, optical, electrical and physicalchemical properties. The company has a team of top experts in the fields of optics, theoretical and applied physics, chemistry, and material science.



Keywords: yarns, nanosilver

Introduction: Company produces yarns for clothing, medical and technical purposes, antibacterial knitted fabrics produced with trade mark nanoAg®, multifunctional textile fabrics with nanoparticles of Ag used after the spine surgical operations

Lada Vyvialova Creative Platform s.r.o.

Keywords: nanotextile, fashion, design, clothing

Design Studio LADA fashion focuses on the use of nanotextiles when designing their collections of women’s clothing. The LADA brand builds on the personal and professional experience of independent designer Lady Vyvialova Tomeckova. She has participated in dozens of fashion shows and exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad.


NAFIGATE Corporation, a.s.

Keywords: nanofibers, bioplastics

Introduction: Beginning with a technology of bioplastics production acquired from Brno University of Technology, NAFIGATE Corporation Inc., later on, established the Global Innovation Centre of Nanofiber Applications, which fulfills the vision of creating truly global networking and cooperation platform for the world’s top experts in the field of nanofibers. This cooperation is essential to accelerate the process of bringing final nanofiber applications to consumers. In May 2013 the platform was launched in China as well, and the first application projects are already being implemented there. Apart from bioplastics, the company develops new applications of nanofibers in various fields such as cosmetics, water treatment, or air filtration.


Nano4people s.r.o.

Keywords: photocatalysis, coatings

Introduction: Nano4people is a new, innovative company that is involved in the development, optimization and specific applications of special multifunction photocatalytic antibacterial coatings used to clean the polluted air. Based on many years of experience of our partners from universities, research institutes, medical institutes and leading Czech scientists, the company is actively involved in technology transfer in the field of science and technology on composite nanomaterials, and physical phenomena called photocatalytic mineralization into everyday life.


Keywords: surface treatment, hydrophobic treatment

Nanologix corporation s. r. o.

Keywords: respirators

Introduction: Nanologix is a company that operates as a commercial subject for R&D in the area of respiratory equipment with a common inspiratory and expiratory vent.


Nanopharma, a.s.

Keywords: nanofibers, electrospinning, drug carriers & delivery systems, scaffolds, regenerative medicine, additives, biomedicine

Introduction: Nanopharma is an engineering company focusing on research, development and production of innovative materials using nanofiber structures in the specific needs of research and industry. The company is heavily involved in the development of unique medical devices based on nanotechnology, such as regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.


nanoSPACE s.r.o.

Keywords: nanofibers, bedding, toys, anti-allergic, anti-dust mite

Introduction: NanoSPACE is a new dynamic company that operates in the Czech Republic and international markets, specializing in nanofibre products. It is the first company in the world that manufactures nanofibre barrier bedding covers and anti-dust mite toys. This innovative way to protect against dust mites and their allergens places nanoSPACE among the world’s leading manufacturers of anti-allergic protective coatings for bedding


NanoTrade s.r.o.

Keywords: nanoproducts, surface treatment, hydrophobic treatement, technology transfer

Introduction: NanoTrade is a leading Czech company in the field of nanotechnology R&D, especially antibacterial applications (solutions, granulates, cosmetics and medical devices, see details at and functional antibacterial underwear nanosilver® ( The company also carries out development, production and supply of products and technologies for surface treatment ( In addition they offer nano additives into liquid and solid fuels to reduce fuel consumption and emissions ( Nanotrade also supplies and installs a special technology of ski and motion simulators (

NenoVision s.r.o.

Keywords: electron microscopy, scanning probe microscope

NenoVision was established in 2015 as a spin-off of the Brno University of Technology and The Central European Institute of Technology CEITEC. They developed the unique device LiteScope™, a scanning probe microscope designed for an easy integration into the electron microscopes. The combination of complementary SPM and SEM techniques enables to use the advantages of both commonly used microscopy techniques. LiteScope™ offers easy and fast 3D inspection of manufactured structures.

Pardam_new logo small

PARDAM s.r.o.

Keywords: ceramic & organic nanofibers, forcespinning

Introduction: Pardam, s. r. o. produces high-quality nanofibrous materials (inorganic NnF CERAM© and polymer NnF MBRANE©) manufactured using industrial forcespinning production technology. Pardam has been focusing on production and development of nanofibrous materials since 2009 and has extensive experience with electrospinning and forcespinning production technology. Various applications in e.g. separation membranes, battery separators, catalysts.


Keywords: nanocosmetics, car care

Introduction: Pikatec is a purely Czech technology company, which cooperates with the Technical University of Liberec on developing nanotechnologies for surface protection.Pikatec nanotechnologies protect surfaces of cars (exterior, interior), in households (wood, leather, glass, ceramics, stainless steel, plastic surfaces, stone, etc.) in business area (offices, restaurants, hotels,etc.) boats, planes and many other. The patented nanotechnologies protect surfaces against dirt and damage.

PRAGOTHERM, servis fasád s.r.o.

Keywords: photocatalysis, air purification, titan dioxide

Introduction: PRAGOTHERM uses photocatalytic nano-coatings to protect facades from microorganisms.


RETAP s.r.o.

Keywords: nanoaircleaner, photocatalysis

Introduction: Traditional Czech manufacturer of tiled stoves. The company has launched the home nanoaircleaner. This device uses the photocatalytic decomposition of chemical pollutants and liquidation of bacteria and viruses and purifies the air in the interior.

Scimed Biotechnologies, s.r.o.

Keywords: biotechnology, nanofibres

SCIMED Biotechnologies is a Czech biotechnology company that manufactures nanofiber face masks. The company’s research and development focuses on bio- and nanomaterials and their use in medicine.

Smart Coatings s.r.o.

Keywords: smart technologies

A young, progressive company engaged in research and development of smart technologies, especially based on nanomaterials and their conversion into commercial applications. It is also planned to start its own production in the future.

SEN WORLD, s.r.o.

Keywords: nanofibre face masks

Manufacturer of the nanofibre face mask YourMASK.

SPUR a.s.

Keywords: nanofibers, nanofibre face masks

The company is focused on the development and production of plastic products. The production program includes nanofibrous material SpurTex VS produced on the own Spinline production line. This nanomaterial is used for the production of medical face masks.


Keywords: LPCVD, horizontal furnaces

Introduction: SVCS Process Innovation designs and manufactures batch horizontal furnaces for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. The furnaces, both for atmospheric and LPCVD processes are outstanding because of the quality of selected components, long term experience of our engineers, and competitive prices.


Keywords: scanning electron microscopes, accessories for SEMs, light optical microscopy accessories and image processing, special vacuum chambers and custom systems, detection systems, scientific hardware and software development

Introduction: TESCAN is one of the global suppliers of scientific instruments. The company is building its reputation and brand name in the field of designing and manufacturing scanning electron microscopes and system solutions for different applications.

Other nanotech companies in the CZECH REPUBLIC


The first company in the Czech Republic and practically even the first in Europe to have the capacity for industrial production of nanofibrous material.


The company has developed a brand new nanofibrous membrane with excellent properties including extremely high vapour permeability, water resistance with a high water column, and 100% wind resistance for outdoor, sports and military purposes.


The company is involved in the development, production, and delivery of technologies for wastewater treatment, water treatment and air treatment. The wide range of water management products that it offers are employed in the treatment of wastewater from family houses, villages, towns, hospitals, and in various branches of industry.


Develops nanostructured polymers and renewable polymers. Applying for paints, adhesives, thermoset and thermoplastic composites (building, electrical, automotive, aerospace …), electroactive polymers (solar conversion, electroactive coatings …), polymer composites for medicine.


Poducers of iron nanoparticles Fe (0),  used in technologies applicable in groundwater and surface water purification, due to its remarkable reduction capabilities, small size and high reactivity to a wide range of toxic substances such ultrafine particles remediation. Compared to other processes used in water treatment it is environmentally friendly since the product of the transformation of Fe (0) are into non-toxic iron oxides.


Elmarco is the first company in the world that manufactures and sells equipment for the production of nanofiber material on an industrial scale. NanospiderTM device is designed to produce all kinds of organic and inorganic nanofibers.


Technologies including bio- and nano-technologies for textile finishing, impregnation, and/or coatings.


Development of new products from nanofiber layers, surface treatment and modification, coating and lamination to use in composite industry.


Interior paint prodcers utilizing nanotechnology that cleans the air, destroy harmful pathogenic bacteria, odors, cigarette smoke, with titanium dioxide nanoparticles.


A Czech pharmaceutical company that manufactures products unique for their use of nanotechnology in modern pharmaceutical technology. Using micro and nanotechnological processes to alter the physical properties of nutritional supplements or drugs thereby increasing their efficiency, reduce toxicity and side effects.


Optaglio is engaged in the development and production of optical security devices and holograms and is a world leader in electron beam lithography. It supplies holographic foils, labels and microdots.


Supplier of detectors for electron microscopy


The main fields of activity are membrane separation processes utilizing nanotechnology, such as electrodialysis, electrodeionization, membrane electrolysis, reverse osmosis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration.

generi biotech

Czech biotechnology company, specializing in research and development in the field of molecular biology and nanotechnology.

Nanotech clusters in the CZECH REPUBLIC

Nanoprogress z.s.

Keywords: nanofibers, electrospinning, drug carriers & delivery systems, scaffolds, regenerative medicine, additives, biomedicine

Cluster Nanoprogres is focusing on research and development of functionalized nanofiber structures and its application to industry and medicine. We are involved in the European Strategic Cluster Partnership in new emerging industry and belong to the category of European excellent clusters under the European Initiative of Cluster Excellence. Within the joint research activities we developed sophisticated methodologies for functionalization of nanofiber structures, built new technological equipment for production of core-shell nanofibers and new equipment based on the worldwide unique AC electrospinning technology. Also the application potential of wide range of functionalized nanofiber structures to medicine and industry was determined.