Nanotechnologies for industrial applications 

Industry and waste management also deserve special attention. Czech nanotechnologies excel primarily in the field of industrial filtration.


Nanofiber membrane for filtration of spirits, oil, wine, beer, and other beverages

Nanovlákenná membrána RIFTELEN ®The RIFTELEN® N15 membrane is designed for filtration of liquids in the food industry - in plate filters, sleeve filters, and folded “star” cartridges of various sizes and shapes. ®The RIFTELEN® N15 membrane currently offers various degrees of filtration capturing particles from 5 μm to 50 μm.

LifeOX-AIR® Industrial 40

Robust industrial ozone generator for the deodorization and disinfection of spaces up to 2,000 m³

Using high-voltage discharge technology to generate ozone, we have created a device whose cleaning process eliminates bacteria and odors that appear as a side-product of waste management.

Combi Ozone/UV (AOP)

Ozone generator with low-pressure UV discharge, providing a very fast water disinfection process, superior to ozone solutions alone

A proven and experience-improved device that Lifetech has been manufacturing since 2002. It creates OH radicals and provides AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process). Nowadays compact, it can be used to treat wastewater, drinking water, and swimming pool water.

Nanotechnology for Smart Cities

This article is a part of the project Nanotechnology for Smart Cities as a Tool for Sustainable Development supported within international development cooperation of the Czech Republic.

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