NanoDay in Pardubice: EU has announced a competition for technology that Czechs have already invented

Nanooptics for cars, cleaning of air in cities with the help of photocatalytic paints or nanofilters for filtration of wine, all this was presented by Czech nanotechnology engineers on NanoDay in Pardubice which took place on Wednesday 12th April in the hall of Jan Kaspar of the Regional Office. “Mum, what kind of a big spider is this?“ a small girl points curiously at a giant dust mite. The Regional Office of Pardubice is being dominated by a giant plastic dust mite. “We wanted to show people who actually causes our allergic reactions and...


Invitation to NanoDay in Pardubice

Are you interested in the latest news on Czech nanotechnology? Join our NanoDay in Pardubice! You will see with your own eyes the production of nanofibre,  which is used for wine filtration and also in anti-dust mite beddings, you will meet the inventor of the revolutionary 3D nanobattery and smart self-cleaning coatings with nanoparticles. Beauticians remove your face wrinkels by a nano cosmetic mask, you will try the magic hydrophobic nano-tie and you can taste drinking water from pig slurry cleaned by nanotechnology … The goal of NanoDays is to increase public awareness about the use of nanotechnology in everyday life. We are presenting the products of Czech nanotechnology firms,...