Invitation to NanoDay Munich/Einladung zum NanoTag München

Czech nano filter for Bavarian beer / Tschechische Nano-Filter für bayerisches Bier! We will show you the latest nano filters used for wine and beer filtration, nano-optics for lighting, air cleaning nanodevices, magic hydrophobic nano-tie,  smart self-cleaning coatings with nanoparticles, nano-biotechnologies, nano-cosmetics, antibacterial clothing and anti-dust mite beddings with nanofibers and much more. You will meet the inventor of the revolutionary 3D nanobattery and other Czech nanotechnologists. Wir zeigen Ihnen die neusten Nano-Filter zur Herstellung von Bier und Wein, Nanooptik für Beleuchtung, Nano-Luftreinigungsanlagen, wasserabstoßende Nano-Krawatten, selbstreinigende Anstriche, Nano-Biotechnologien, Nano-Kosmetik, antibakterielle Bekleidung und Milbenschutzbettwäsche mit Nanofasern und vieles mehr. Außerdem...


Invitation to Future Port Prague 2017

We invite you to the Future Port Prague 2017 – a visionary and futuristic festival! It will be held on September 7, 2017 at the Prague Marketplace in Holešovice. It will be the largest show of exponential technologies and disruptive trends in Central Europe. The godfather of the festival is a businessman, visionary, Etnetera co-founder Martin Holečko. The event will include conferences and panel discussions with leading experts from around the world. They will speak about how the technology of the future may affect the global economy and the lives of people. Chairman of...