We are excited to invite you to join the NANO.IL.2018, an international nanotechnology conference & exhibition, to be held in Jerusalem October 9-11 2018. International companies, investors, top universities, start-ups, corporate research scientists and government representatives will discuss the latest developments in nano fabrication, mechanics, bio-nano materials, photonics, nano physics, materials and medicine, nano sensors, applications of nano electronics, nano energy and more. Please visit congress website


Nanoday in the European Parliament: the nanofibers were flying through the air and nano ties were poured

On Thursday, May 3, there was almost a magic performance at the European Parliament’s Brussels headquarters. Directly in front of the visitors, flying in the air like webs, nanofibers were produced and there were also examples of other great products of Czech companies using nanotechnology. Pavel Telička, Vice-President of the European Parliament, decided to draw attention to the potential of the Czech Republic in the field of nanotechnologies and organized together with the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association, CzechInvest, cluster Nanoprogress and Technology Center CAS the first Nanoday Brussels. The event was attended not only by representatives...