Czechs presented a cosmetic mask on NanoDay that removes up to 75% of wrinkels

Prague, May 28, 2016. On NanoDay there were presented two revolutionary innovations, luxury car modified by nanotechnology and nano cosmetic mask that can reduce wrinkles under eyes within 30 minutes. “We found that the nanofiber membrane has a really fundamental effect on the skin and its appearance. Clinical study results have confirmed that there is a reduction up to 75% of the wrinkles including the deepest ones, “says Lenka Mynářová from Nafigate Cosmetics. “The purpose of our Nanodays is to show the people what we do best in the Czech Republic,” explains Jiří Kůs chairman of Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association, Czech...


We invite you to NanoDay Prague in May 28, 2016

Come and taste the water from the Vltava river that we clean for you by nanofilters, or let us remove  up to 75% of your face wrinkels by a new revolutionary nano cosmetic mask. We will produce nanofiber right on the spot in front of you. We show you the luxury car tuned by nanotechnology hydrophobic nano-tie, antibacterial clothing with nanosilver, self-cleaning coatings with nanoparticles, nanooptics, nanobiotechnology, nanocotton beddings for allergy sufferers. You can personally meet the inventor of the revolutionary 3D nanobattery and other leading Czech nanotechnologists. Details HERE