Members of the Association

ACO Industries k.s.

The company is primarily engaged in drainage and other uses of wastewater. Now it also focuses on nanomembranes in the field of municipal and industrial wastewater recycling.

Advanced Materials JTJ s.r.o.

Special functional coatings with TiO2 nanoparticles with an extremely strong photocatalytic effect, which effectively eliminates organic and inorganic pollutants, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms from the air.

AlgaClean s.r.o.

A young, progressive company that develops protective photocatalytic nano coatings for various types of surfaces. A separate category of the company's products consists of special algae, mold and dirt removers.


Společnost vyrábí inovativní typ adsorpčního materiálu, který je založený na imobilizovaných uhlíkových nanotrubicích cílený pro efektivní filtraci vody od organických kontaminantů. Adsorbent vykazuje řadu unikátních vlastností.

Contipro s.r.o.

Contipro is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hyaluronic acid and its applications. In 2013, the company launched 4SPIN® - a device for the nanofiber production.

Dypromed s.r.o.

Společnost vyvíjí, vyrábí a prodává produkty s použitím českého nanovlákna a vyráběné výhradně v ČR. Produkty jsou určeny pro ochranu nositele před nežádoucími patogeny, jako jsou alergeny, smog, bakterie a viry.

eNecont s.r.o.

The company develops, manufactures and implements innovative solutions that are applied in air revitalization or indoor air renewal. It uses an automatically controlled photocatalysis process depending on the indoor air pollution.


Traditional Czech manufacturer of optical data carriers since 1992. In cooperation with Nano Medical s.r.o., the company has expanded its portfolio with purely Czech premium medical nanofibre masks and nanorespirators with patented AntiMicrobeWeb R nanofilter.

FN-NANO s.r.o.

Subsidiary of Advanced Materials-JTJ s.r.o. The company introduced highly efficient photocatalytic coatings of the 2nd generation - functional coatings FN NANO® with an extremely strong photocatalytic effect and other products using the same technology.

HE3DA s.r.o.

HE3DA manufactures lithium 3D batteries with a unique design. It has higher capacity, low internal resistance, economical production costs and maximum safety. This new and modern 3D battery concept is the only way to a higher capacity, which also allows safe storage of energy in hundreds of megawatts.

HF SERVIS s.r.o.

The company develops, manufactures and sells hydrophobic and oleophobic nano-polymer based protections for all types of surfaces, from facades, roofs, PV and solar panels, tiles, wood, metals, glass, plastics to leather and textiles. At the same time, it also produces safe cleaners.

H20 nanotec s.r.o.

H2O nanotec s.r.o. vyrábí filtry na úpravu vody pro domácnosti a kanceláře. V současnosti nabízíme poddřezový filtr na bázi uhlíkových nanočástic, který adsorbuje z pitné vody zbytky pesticidů, hormonů a chemikálií, které komunální čističky neumí efektivně odstranit. Budeme naše pole dále rozšiřovat na další segmenty – čištění vody pro turisty, vířivky, bazény a další.


The company focuses mainly on the development and production of special pharmaceutical products, modern medical and hygienic devices based on innovative nanotechnology solutions.

IQS Group, a.s.

Young technology company that works as an architect and builder of structures in the size of a human hair, but also a thousand times smaller. These structures are so small that they can bend a beam of light, create a supporting scaffold for cell growth, or help to produce clean energy.

Jan Fiala

Last brick factory in Prague. The company is working on a project for the use of nanotechnologies in vertical building structures and the production of nano-bricks.


Established in 2000 with the aim to produce and sell knitted fabric for clothing and technical purposes. Now the company has a wide range of antibacterial nano-knits with silver nanoparticles, which prevent the multiplication and survival of bacteria.

Lada Vyvialova Creative Platform s.r.o.

The LADA fashion design studio focuses on the use of nanotextiles in the design of its women's clothing collections.

LAM-X a.s.

Biotechnology company developing light-activated nanomaterials for protection against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. The company uses innovative approaches originally developed at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University in Prague.

NAFIGATE Corporation a.s.

The company brings to the global market projects focusing on the development and production of new energy-saving generation of nanofiber membranes for water and air purification technologies, textile industry and cosmetics.

Nafigate Park, s.r.o.

Nafigate Park, s.r.o. takes over the know-how and experience in the development and production of nanofibre materials of Nafigate Corporation, a.s. and in its new production plant in Andělská Hora near Liberec develops and produces laminated nanofibre materials, which are mainly used in the field of air filtration.


Czech trading company that specializes in the commercialization of a wide range of nano materials of the 21st century. Since 2019, it has been researching markets, developing innovative technologies and providing breakthrough solutions using the knowledge of nanomaterials.

Nano4people s.r.o.

Inovativní firma, která se zabývá a podílí na vývoji a aplikacích fotokatalytických nátěrů, které za pomocí nanotechnologie a světla, dokážou vytvářet samočistící povrch, likvidovat viry, bakterie a čistit vzduch.


NANOBALA s.r.o. focuses on production and sale of hydrophobic impregnation based on chemical nanotechnology.

Nano Medical s.r.o.

Nano Medical develops and manufactures nanofiber materials and laminates for applications in healthcare, cosmetic and technical textile industries, including its own patented nanotechnologies and processes.

Nanopharma a.s.

Nanopharma is an engineering company focusing on research, development and production of innovative material solutions using nanofiber structures for the specific needs of research and industry

nanoSPACE s.r.o.

Manufacturer of barrier-free bedding and antivirus scarves. The largest Czech online store with nanofiber products.

nanoSPACE Technology s.r.o.

NanoSPACE Technology is focused on research and development of new nanofibre materials, their applications and machinery for their production. The main focus is on biodegradable materials, increasingly in demand in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, textile, as well as energy and food industries. 

NanoTrade s.r.o.

Vyvíjí a vyrábí funkční oblečení se stříbrem, nano roušky, nano filtry, nanoprostředky pro ochranu povrchů. Nabízí ucelené řešení pro čisté prostory. Provozuje e-shop s největší nabídkou nano výrobků v ČR.


Pikatec is a purely Czech technological company that cooperates with the Technical University of Liberec in the development of nanotechnologies for surface protection.

Health Brands s.r.o.

The company has been operating on the Czech and Slovak market under the Rehasport brand since 2010. It is engaged in the distribution of rehabilitation and training aids. One of the new products is the Rehabiq nanofibre masks.

RETAP s.r.o.

Traditional manufacturer of tiled stoves introducing the nanoaircleaner air purifier. In nanocleaners, photocatalysis decomposes chemical harmful substances and eliminates bacteria and viruses in the interior.

Scimed Biotechnologies s.r.o.

Czech biotechnology company that participates in the production of nanofiber face masks. The company's R&D has a long-term focus on bio- and nanomaterials and their use in medicine.

SEN WORLD s.r.o.

The basis of the SEN WORLD product line is a disposable nanofiber face mask YourMASK.

SPUR a.s.

Since the moment the company was founded in 1992, it has focused on the development and production of plastic products. The production program includes the SpurTex VS nanofiber material produced on the production line developed in-house. This material is used for the production of medical face masks.


The main products of SVCS are atmospheric, LPCVD and PECVD thermal reactors for the production of silicon wafers.


TESCAN enables its customers to research and analyze in nanoresolution. Its solutions are applied in geosciences, material sciences, semiconductor industry and life sciences. The company has a thirty-year history of developing innovative electron microscopes, microtomographs, and related software solutions for users in many areas of research and industry. Another example is the 4D-STEM (4D scanning transmission electron microscope) TENSOR, which was the first in the world to be built from the ground up for a completely new level of performance and user comfort. Through its efforts, TESCAN has gained a leading position in micro- and nanotechnologies. The company is based in Brno in the Czech Republic and employs more than 750 people in plants around the world.


Since 2010, the company has been developing and producing thermoactive stucco patches AERO-THERM®, which contain AERO-THERM®, a silica-based nanomaterial with exceptional thermal insulation properties.

Výzkumný Technologický Institut s.r.o.

Since 1988, the company has been developing and manufacturing equipment for the treatment of drinking and process water from any contaminated water source. The basis is the vacuum technology of hybrid asymmetric selective membrane separation.


The company produces systems intended for air extraction and filtration for all types of industrial, military and civilian objects. For CBRN filters, filter ventilation units and special virucidal filters, it uses technology and materials on a micro and nano scale. VZDUCHOTECHNIK also deals with the functionalization of various materials, works with nanofibrous materials for various applications. 

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